About The GRID ⚡️

About The GRID ⚡️
Photo by Alexander Schimmeck / Unsplash

The GRID is an independent publication launched in June 2022 by ACUMEN, an industry leader in Cyber Security & Compliance for the power industry. If you subscribe today, you'll get access to to a wide range of content as well as email newsletters about whats happening in the power industry when it's available. Power Up ⚡️ your subscription to one of our premium subscriptions for Unlimited access to high quality Market & Compliance Trends, the latest Cyber Exploit breakdowns and much more! ➡  Power Up! ⚡️


Acumen is an engineering and management consulting firm providing pragmatic and sustainable engineering, technical, and management solutions to electric and water utilities, transportation operators, pipeline operators, commercial and industrial entities, and government agencies across North America and internationally.

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