Transmission is a crucial phase of the power distribution process where high-voltage electricity is transported efficiently from power generation sources, such as power plants or renewable energy facilities, to local distribution networks and eventually to homes, businesses, and industries. This essential component of the electrical grid ensures that electricity generated at one location can reach its intended destinations, powering our modern world reliably and efficiently.

Weekly Power Outlet US - Week 26

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Weekly Power Outlet US - Week 26

Transmission Report Card, Wind, and Happy Birthday! Energy Market Update Week 26, brought to you by Acumen. For More Updates Like This, Subscribe Here! Weekly Power Outlet 06302023Weekly_Power_Outlet_06302023.pdf678 KBdownload-circle One of our soapbox topics has consistently been transmission. Unless the need for more transmission is addressed,

By Mark Perman - Director, Energy Solutions, Justin Siemens - Specialist Consultant, Energy Services